INNOBIO is a leader in the animal health and nutrition industry, providing feed manufactures and livestock farmers with innovative products.
In 1979, Mr.Y.S.Baek began offering macro minerals to the Korean animal industry. The Company has become today’s Innobio ? a Korean leader in animal feed and supplements.

In 1999, our business was enlarged to the plant nutrition & fertilizer. Today, we are striving to be the 21st century’s leading global company for innovative and safe feed supplements and fertilizer.

In 2001, we developed the Chelated mineral for the first time in Korea, resulted from the several year’s research. Our chelated minerals are rapidly replacing the imported products in the Korean market.

The company places major importance on research and development and our efforts lead to regular introductions of new and improved feed supplements. We transform technology into products that improve the productivity and reproduction capabilities of livestock and plant.

Our company aimed at achieving great feed efficiency food quality and consistency as well as improving the well-being of animal, plant and eventually human.

Our products and services include micro-minerals, macro-minerals, bio-chelated minerals, microbial products and odor products.
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